How Infinix Has Become A Major Influence To African Youth –


Creating a profitable brand might come easy. The major requirement for this is to have a valuable service or product and offer it to a properly suited target group. This is not to say that the entire process can be done with your eyes shut, or to undermine the effort that goes into researching consumer’s interest in order to properly optimize services or remodel products. Quite frankly, all of that could be a herculean task. However, when it comes to building an influential brand, the difficulty level of the task goes up a couple notches.

What exactly is an Influential brand?

It’s a brand that is capable of creating an emotional connection with consumers, winning their trust and impacting their choice and lifestyle.

It’s been only a decade since Infinix made way into the African market and within this period, they have totally transformed the smartphone experience within the space and have also been able to influence the decisions of their young and fast growing fan…

Source: Complete Sports