WA/CAA Affirm 2017 AFN Constitution, Set Elective Congress For June 14                               


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The 2017 constitution adopted at the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) congress of November 16, 2017 has been adopted as the operating document for the governance of the federation.
This formed part of the resolutions at a two-day conflict resolution meeting between representatives of both the Confederation of Athletics Federation (CAA) and World Athletics (who joined via zoom) and members of the board of the AFN elected in 2017 held at ANOCA office in Abuja.            

The resolutions read inter-alia:”The constitution proposed and approved by the annual general congress meeting of the AFN held in  Abuja on 16 November 2017 (the AFN constitution) applies and continues to govern the AFN and the executive board shall reaffirm this fact within the state member federations (i.e AFN’s membership).”                     

By this, the position of a Director General created by the now annulled…

Source: Complete Sports