Laporte Celebrates Collapse Of Super League


Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte says he’s delighted with the collapse of the European Super League.

Laporte stated this via his official twitter handle, where he said that football is for the fans and should not be allowed to be taken away from them.

Recall that the two Milan giants and Atletico Madrid followed all six English Premier League clubs in pulling out of the European Super League on Wednesday, dealing a fatal blow to the project.

However, Laporte insisted that fans should be made to enjoy the game of football.

“Just a quick reaction about this ‘SuperLeague’ project. I, and I believe many other players, feel very happy about this outcome.

“We have all been growing up with the joys of watching the Champions League, and I still have amazing memories of those nights. Today, being able to play this competition is an invaluable chance for me, and it’s a magic thing I never want to see go away.

“I want to play it as long as I can, and winning it is probably…

Source: Complete Sports

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