UFC: I’m The Best Fighter On The Planet


After brutally beating Jorge Masvidal, UFC champion, Kamaru Usman has declared that he’s currently the best fighter in the world.

Usman stated this on Sunday during a post-match press conference, where he stated that the White understood what he has set out to do.

The fighter scored a stunning second-round knockout to finish Jorge Masvidal and retain the undisputed UFC welterweight title at UFC 261 in Florida today, Sunday.

The match was a rematch of their meeting at UFC 251, where Masvidal stepped in on six days’ notice but lost out to Usman on the scorecards after five rounds.

Usma said: “He is understanding what I set out to do. I had big goals for myself and I want to see it out truly..

‘Y’all said you wanted violence, you’re welcome. First and foremost, no disrespect, thanks to Jorge. You elevated me and it’s been a while since I’ve been nervous for a fight but I had to go to the workshop and bring all my tools for this fight.

‘I am still getting better all the…

Source: Complete Sports