The Rise And Rise Of Their Powers! –Odegbami Writes


I have waited a long time for a period such as this to come. Now, it may be here. I can see the faint outlines of an emerging super force that can drive the essential change that càn alter the face and fate of sports in Nigeria, for good, forever.

The social media is the fuel propelling this phenomenon with on going conversations on several athletes’ platforms, telling their stories and discussing their plight. For the first time, differences are set aside and discussions have been frank. Crises are being resolved between warring groups and individuals, with a message of fresh hope.

There is now a different route to a better future. It has begun to sink that until and unless athletes come together in a common front and fight their own cause, they will continue to languish in neglect, sidelined from the administration of sport where their success beyond their careers in sports lies.

In all of sport, it is the athlete that matters most. Everything is put in place and in order so…

Source: Complete Sports

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