Champions League: PSG Can’t Stop Man City’s Title Quest


Manchester City defender, John Stones says PSG can’t stop the team’s title quest in the Champions League.

The Citizens will be hoping to sustain their 2-1 advantage in the first leg when they face the Paris club on Tuesday at Etihad Stadium.

In his press conference, Stones revealed that he’s optimistic Man City will overcome PSG.

“It’s a big occasion for us as players and the club. A chance to get to the final of the Champions League,” Stones declared.

“To be in the situation we are now, you just don’t want to let it go.

“We are trying to grab every opportunity to succeed and we want to grab it. We need to show our character and be the Manchester City everyone knows. We want to make history for this club.

“We go into the game tomorrow to win it. That’s our mindset over the past five years I’ve been here. Be who we are, playing the way we do.

“If it doesn’t work out, we can hold our heads high and know we’ve been ourselves and shown our identity.

“But I am…

Source: Complete Sports