Sports Ministry Vs Sports Federations


The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development obviously tugged at the tail of a tiger last week when the minister announced the dissolution of 31 National Sports Federation boards. It followed up almost immediately with the inauguration of caretaker committees to take care of the administration of the federations until after the Olympic Games coming up from July 23 to August 8, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Minister’s actions took everyone by surprise, particularly the board members across all the sports that must have been preparing for what had become a 4-yearly ‘jamborèe’ to the Olympics. It did not matter that many of them had no athletes in their sport that qualify to participate, or not. The minister’s intervention halted their vacation.

Many affected stakeholders started thinking that the the world was going to end and started to prepare for the war of all wars in sports.
They asked: how dare the minister dissolved independent boards two months to the Olympics?
It now…

Source: Complete Sports