I Never Allowed Pressure Affect My Managerial Decisions


Former Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has disclosed that he’s always committed to his job and never allowed unnecessary ‘noise’ to distract him.

Mourinho, who was recently appointed as manager by FC Roma was sacked by Tottenham after a poor run of results in the Premier League.

During his troubles at the Premier League club, Mourinho in an interview with trading partner XTB said he thrived on the pressure he applies to himself.

“It comes down to preparation,” he said. “It’s important to always be prepared for all eventualities, because, in this way, you can adapt to pressure moments by relying on your preparation and your repetition.

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“Once the whistle goes, I am only focused on the match and the moment. I don’t think about me or my emotions; I think about what is in front of me and what we need to do to adapt to what is happening.

“When making big decisions, I make sure I have all the information I need…

Source: Complete Sports