Ex-Lagos Chief Judge, Ayotunde Phillips Re-Elected Into FIFA Ethics Committee


Nigeria’s Justice Ayotunde Philips has been re-elected into the FIFA Ethics Committee (Adjudicatory Chamber) for another 4 years.

Justice Philips’ appointment came during The 71st which held virtually on Friday.

She was re-elected alongside other FIFA Ethics Committee Adjudicatory Chamber which has Vassilios Skouris (Greece) as
chairperson, María Claudia Rojas deputy chairpersons (Colombia) and Fiti Sunia (American Samoa).

The FIFA Congress also voted on the election and/or re-election of the chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of the independent committees:

Disciplinary Committee: chairperson – Jorge Palacio (Colombia); deputy chairperson – Anin Yeboah (Ghana)

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Investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee: chairperson – Martin Ngoga (Rwanda); deputy chairpersons – Bruno De Vita (Canada) and Parasuraman Subramanian (Malaysia)


Appeal Committee: chairperson – Neil Eggleston (USA); deputy…

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