Five Richest Sports Teams Owners Doubled Their Wealth In 2020


Over the last few decades, owning a professional sports team has become a status symbol among the mega rich. However, the entry bar to the list of the wealthiest sports team owners got drastically higher in 2020 as the record year for billionaires` wealth.

According to data presented by, the world’s five richest sports team owners doubled their wealth in the last year, with their combined net worth reaching $274bn as of April.

Mukesh Ambani the Wealthiest Sports Team Owner, Daniel Gilbert`s Net Worth Surged by 700% in a Year

The year 2020 was a fantastic year for the billionaires controlling some of the world’s most successful teams. Although many sports arenas and stadiums have remained empty amid the pandemic, the combined net worth of the 20 wealthiest sport club owners globally jumped by 60% YoY to $427bn in April 2021, according to Forbes data.

India’s richest person and the 12th wealthiest billionaire globally, Mukesh Ambani, tops the list of the…

Source: Complete Sports