5 Things Athletes Wish Their Fans Understood


Athletes are always praised for their physical abilities and superhero-like stamina, but seldom does anyone ever talk about their mental or emotional states. Being a professional competitor provides plenty of motivation but it can also be incredibly stressful. That’s why today’s top athletes want fans to understand a few things.

Before you buy your tickets, head to the game, or flip on the TV, here are five things every athlete wishes you would know:

#1. Even the most disciplined athlete has bad days too.

We all have good days and bad days. Even our favorite sports stars experience an eb and flow in their moods and physical health. They’re only human, which means they’re not always going to perform like a machine. If more fans understood that, they’d remain loyal to their favorite athletes despite the ups and downs of their careers.

#2. There’s a thin line between the love of the game and mania.

Being a big fan is one thing, but athletes don’t appreciate obnoxious or…

Source: Complete Sports