Tai Solarin on Samuel Ogbemudia and Sports


This week, I humbly cede my column to one whose shoe laces I am unworthy to untie, Dr. Tai Solarin.

Occasionally, I ask myself what I would have done differently had I become the governor of Ogun State when I sought the position some years ago. I never go far with an answer, setting aside the past and leaving it there, jeje.

But this week, in a round about manner, the question popped up again, this time in a forwarded article sent to me by a friend, Tonye Danagogo, a medical doctor. It was an old newspaper article written by Dr. Tai Solarin, the famous teacher, proprietor of the Mayflower College in Ikenne, and a one-màn human rights, social and political activist, published in his weekly column in the Sunday Tribune of September 24, 1973. It was addressed to Colonel Samuel Ogbemudia, the then young governor of Mid West State, who made a name for himself as the most progressive governor of that era through the model that he set using sports as the instrument to create all-round…

Source: Complete Sports