UEFA’s Annual Revenue Down By €800 Million Ticket Revenues Plunged


The COVID-19 severely tested the resilience of the European football ecosystem. Matches across the continent had been brought to a halt in a period when domestic and international competitions are entering their final and most valuable knockout stages. As a result, national associations and clubs lost their vital matchday revenues and income from broadcast and commercial partners.

According to data presented by SafeBettingSites.com, the annual revenue of the Union of European Football Associations, UEFA, amounted to just over €3bn, an €800 million plunge in a year.

Ticket Sales Revenues Slumped by 92% in a Year

After the pandemic struck, UEFA’s Executive Committee had to postpone or cancel several competitions to safeguard players’ and officials’ health and reduce the pressure on member associations. The EURO 2020 was postponed by twelve months, ensuring Europe’s domestic competitions could reduce some financial damage by completing their seasons after lockdown…

Source: Complete Sports