How Dad Stopped Paying My School Fees Because Of Football


Adebayo Gbadebo, a former Nigeria international has made an emotional graphic narration of how his father stopped paying his university School fees because he was invited to the senior national team, Super Eagles, reports.

This is unlike the present days when parents would do anything possible to ensure their wards were invited to any of the national teams.

“That was in my final year at the University of Ibadan,” Gbadebo, who is currently coaching in Thailand opened up during a personality virtual interactive session with Ex-University of Ibadan Footballers Association.

“My parents did not support my going into Football. I was discouraged, though they knew that I was good in the game, but my father stood against it.

“Then, parents would only want you to read and go to school all through. I thank God for that, if not I could not be here today as a graduate from the Premier University in Nigeria.

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Source: Complete Sports