A Native Filipino Playing In The American League?


In the history of the NBA, there has never been a “full-blooded Filipino” player in the league. However, players with Filipino roots have shown their stars and we can proudly say they have represented the country well, despite having their royalty to their motherland, the USA. In this article, we look at the profiles of Filipinos who have set their foot in the NBA league as well as explore the chances of a native Filipino playing in the prestigious league. Check Evelyn Balyton profile for more insights on the Filipino players in NBA.

These three names: Raymond Townsend, Jordan Clarkson, and Andray Maurice Blatche, ignites deep pride in Filipino basketball fans as well as those interested in NBA online betting. These are three Filipino Americans who at different periods have represented the Philippines in the American NBA.

Raymond Townsend

Born in San Jose California in 1955, Townsend who is six feet three inches tall was the first Filipino American to play in the NBA. Now a…

Source: Complete Sports