War In The AFN… An Unending Sports Drama! –Odegbami Writes


No one could have written a better script for a sports movie than what is currently going on in real-life in The Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN.

As you read this, kindly clear your mind of any distractions in order to be able to follow the drama through the unending twists and turns that could make a reader dizzy.

Early this week, the lingering power struggle in Nigerian sports, specifically in the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN, took a drama-filled turn.

To add to the suspense, the following occurred shortly after the intervention of World Athletics, WA, and the Confederation of African Athletics, CAA, the international bodies to which the AFN is affiliated. These bodies approve the statutes under which association elections are held.

Both bodies had visited and departed the country, leaving behind a resolution that assured all Nigerians that a level playing field for contestants seeking to be part of a new executive board of the AFN, had been created. The tenure of…

Source: Complete Sports