My Olympic Story – Journey To Mount Olympus –Segun Odegbami Writes


This is probably the most incredulous story you have ever read.

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, I received a giant certificate issued by the World Olympians Association, recognising me officially, as an Olympian.

If you know where I was coming from, you would start to understand why hhe certificate is a big deal. It contains a useful message for all boys and girls, who with the right attitude and guidance, can become whatever they can dream to be.

Let me start from the middle of my story. I have caĺled up and asked a few of my colleagues in the Shooting Stars FC team of 1976 if they can recall the circumstances that made our club to transit for 2 days in Athens, Greece, on our way to Egypt for the first leg of the semi finals of the maiden edition of the Africa Cup winners Cup. We were pitched against Zamakek FC.
None of my team mates had an answer. The times have either blurred our recollection, or the elements wanted it that way. But that was what happened. We went to Greece.


Source: Complete Sports