Odd Numbers About The European Championship –


A lot of things happened since the very first European Championship was carried out in 1960. Ten nations have won the tournament, more than 800 goals have been scored, and all sorts of records have been established. Whereas some records were beaten several times or continue to become even more impressive, others have not been broken in more than 60 years.

The Euro 2020: Records, Facts and Numbers

In many regards the Euro 2020 is different to the previous ones. After all, it is, due to the global pandemic, the first European Championship that ever has been postponed. For the same reason most of the matches are played in almost empty stadiums. And furthermore, it is the first Euro that does not take place in just one or two host countries, but all across the continent.

The most exciting thing about the European Championship, however, is whatever happens on the field: The goals and miskicks, the tackles and fouls, the tactics and fortunes – simply football at its finest, played by…

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