Blame Southgate’s Defensive Pattern For England Loss To Italy


Former Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi has asked England manager, Gareth Southgate to shoulder the responsibility for the team’s inability to win Euro 2020.

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sacchi said that the Three Lions would have been crowned champions if the manager had stuck to his pressing game.

He queried the decision of Southgate to have copied Italy’s defensive pattern of play after England scored early in the final.

He said; “The English copied us: they scored a goal and then everyone back defending, just like those teams who are still faithful to Rappan, who invented Catenaccio last Century,” wrote Sacchi in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Perhaps (Gareth) Southgate thought he was playing against an Italian team that only knows how to defend and counter.”

“Starting a defender, Kieran Trippier instead of Bukayo Saka, already said so much about Southgate’s tactics, as evidently he didn’t know much about the ideas of his colleague Roberto Mancini.

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Source: Complete Sports