“Eye On Tokyo 2020”- Day One –Segun Odegbami Begins Daily Diary


I am ‘The Eye’

High up from my observatory in the skies over Tokyo, I look downwards at the sprawling sea of endless highrise structures and buildings. Almost at the heart of it is a glittering new structure standing out like an oasis in the desert, shaped like a donut. It is the imposing Tokyo Olympic Stadium, a 1.5 Billion Dollars, 65,000-capacity magnificent sports arena, an edifice that has just hosted a unique and spectacular opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The stadium was full of empty seats. Only a sprinkling of less than 1000 special guests witnessed the event first-hand, a rather simple and modest (by their own previous standards) but technologically spectacular show and march-past of only a selected fraction of the overall athletes.


Tokyo Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony


Aerial view of Tokyo city

Even the Nigerian contingent of 52 athletes was pruned down to about two dozens who merrily waved and marched onto the covered tracks of the stadium…

Source: Complete Sports