Eye On Tokyo 2020, DAY 3 –Segun Odegbami Continues Daily Diary


The Empty Camp

Suddenly, the atmosphere and dynamics of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the Games Village, in particular, have changed since the actual matches began.

The public protests, the fears of unrest, the threat of Corona Virus, all have vaporised since the first medals were contested for and won or lost. The spirit of Olympism has taken over, a period of Global Truce when all warring nations and factions around the world lay down their arms, set aside their differences, and cease all conflicts and fighting around the world, and allow the friendly games to take place.

The figures have not been compiled, but the number of those watching the various games all over the world on television and on-line must be in the billions.

‘The Eye’ is surfing around Tokyo, watching out for the unusual, those little things that go uncovered and unreported inside the Nigerian contingent.

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Understandably, there is a little dampening of spirit…

Source: Complete Sports