Solskjaer Gets A New Contract At Manchester United


Only a hard-headed cynic would deny that Manchester United have made progress since club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer replaced fading star Jose Mourinho as the club’s manager in late 2018. He inherited a jaded, listless side from Mourinho. The squad was unbalanced, key players were getting older, and the side was going backwards. Under the Norwegian, they’ve taken small but consistent steps back towards the top. They haven’t won any trophies yet, but last season they finished second in the English Premier League and reached the final of UEFA’s Europa League. Those improvements are the reasons why Solskjaer has just been rewarded with a new three-year contract.

When a manager carries a club forward and signs a new long-term commitment to that club, the news is usually given a rapturous reception by fans. The response of Manchester United fans to the word of their manager’s new deal has been mostly warmly received, but there are still a small but significant number of…

Source: Complete Sports