Eye On Tokyo 2020 (Day 6); Chitty-Chat with Sunday Dare –Odegbami


It finally happened.
No, The Eye did not have a conversation with the Honourable Minister of Sports, Chief Sunday Dare. What happened was much more than that. You have to read this to the end to understand.

It was Tuesday, July 27.
The long search and stalking ended prematurely last night when it became obvious that the Minister of Sports, Chief Sunday Dare, could not be cornered easily. The unique circumstances around the Nigerian contingent that he superintendented over would not give him the time to sit with an invisible drone that refers to itself as ‘The Eye’ hovering above in the skies, for a normal conversation. So, a happy medium of some sort must be created in order for that to happen.

The Minister has 60 athletes across 10 different sports to take care of. The main tonic for exceptional performance, the vociferous voices of Nigerian official and unofficial supporters, is missing from the games.


It speaks- Sunday Dare and ‘The Eye’ in Tokyo.

So, the Minister has had…

Source: Complete Sports

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