Eye On Tokyo 2020 (DAY 7)


There is fire on the mountain in Tokyo 2020.

There should actually be a lot of confusion ongoing in the camps of athletes in Track and Field and Table Tennis here in Tokyo.

With table tennis, why would Quadri Aruna play a very serious match that he could have won, but did not, with relative ease with the assistance of his coach, without Segun Toriola by his side? That is still raising questions that may rock the federation and affect several careers when the team returns home with their barren chest.


Storm over Tokyo

In Track and Field, there is real katakata brewing. Some Nigerian athletes have been disqualified from participation in the Olympics for some technical hoopla that is not any fault of theirs, at least from the limited understanding of the ordinary observing ‘Eye’ over Tokyo.

There isn’t a rumble going on in the Games Village despite the earth-shaking news that has caused the outbreak of journalistic haemorrhage in the Nigerian media, with reactions…

Source: Complete Sports