Track And Field Athletes Disqualified Nigerian Protest In Tokyo 


Nigeria athletes staged a protest in Tokyo after 10 of them were disqualified from taking part in the the track and field events of the on-going Olympic Games.

Recall that twenty athletes, including 10 from Nigeria, were disqualified from participating in track and field at the Olympics because they did not meet anti-doping testing requirements in the lead-up to the Games.
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The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) which runs the anti-doping program for the sport, requires athletes from countries categorized as “high risk” because of deficiencies in their testing programs to be given three no-notice, out-of-competition tests in the 10 months leading to a major event.

Following the disqualification, the athletes took to the streets in Tokyo to make their feelings known.

The protesting athletes carried placards with inscriptions like:“Why should we suffer for someone else’s negligence”, “All we wanted to do was compete” and “We are not just alternates but potential…

Source: Complete Sports