Eye On Tokyo 2020 (Day 9)


A few days ago, ‘The Eye’ saw smoke approaching the Nigerian camp from a distance and screamed: ‘fire on the mountain’.

A day later, it saw dark clouds approaching the camp again and alerted all Nigerians of an impending ‘storm’.

On the third day, it realised it had been very wrong all along – the situation that unfolded since then has been worse than it ever imagined, worse than smoke and dark clouds. There has been ‘Catastrophy’. Note the capital ‘C’.


Storm over Tokyo

The biggest table tennis player in the whole of Africa played against an opponent far below him in world ranking in a crucial first round match. Aruna Quadri played the match with a grudge in his heart, rejecting the invaluable support of the coach that Nigeria had spent a fortune sending to the games for that singular purpose. He lost the match and lost his temper in the process.

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The camp was still in the process of…

Source: Complete Sports