Eye on Tokyo 2020 (Day 11) – Golden Moments


There is greater honour in participating at the Olympics than in winning. The Nigerian will tell you to go sell that to the American Marines. He will also tell you that the Olympic mantra, appropriately coined at the birth of the Movement, was only meant to serve that period of the founding fathers when there were no bucks to be made and the stakes for winning medals were not high.

These days, the Olympics have become priceless jewels. Even the richest professionals in other sports want to add an Olympic Medal to their chest as the crowning glory of their achievements, beyond the Dollars and Pounds. Otherwise, what would a Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams be looking for at the Olympics that does not offer a single Dollar in prize money?


Team Nigeria’s impressive female wrestler, Blessing Oborududu

So, to the Nigerian, winning medals is everything. Hence the success of sports administrations in the country is measured in the number of medals won at such festivals of sports. Not…

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