‘Hardwork And Merit Before Prayers’ –Odegbami


A certain Nigerian athlete is on my mind.
She was billed to win, but she lost her event. She worked extremely hard. She is funded and adopted by a powerful and well-respected spiritual leader. She has been a model of good conduct and character through the years of her wearing the national colours of Nigeria.
Against this solid background, she lost a match she was on the verge of winning.

It gave me plenty of food for thought again about religion and sports.

At the risk of offending certain sensitivities, fasting, praying and wishful thinking do not win Olympic medals. If they did the countries that would be atop the medals table at the end of Tokyo 2020 would be the most religious countries in the world, led by Nigeria!

Prayer, fasting and wishful thinking in sport, on their own without all the basic and more important ingredients that go with winning, are subtle bribes offered the Universe to become partial and to reward unearned and undeserved medals.

For Nigerians, indeed for all…

Source: Complete Sports