I Can’t Wait To See How Messi Will Adapt To French League


Villarreal midfielder Francis Coquelin says it will be interesting to see how Lionel Messi will adapt to life in Ligue 1.

Messi, who is expected to land in Paris Saint Germain (PSG), announced his departure from Barcelona after spending almost 20 years.

Reacting to news that the Argentina star will be pitting tent with PSG, Coquelin told L’Equipe in a chat that Messi may find life different in France.

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“In terms of the game, the matches, he remains the same in the sense that he will not always run a lot but he loves all the balls and then, in the elimination, the pass, in front of the goal, he is exceptional.

“He might not be in his most prolific years but who can score 35 goals per season? He still has very good years ahead of him. But beyond his physical evolution, what will be interesting to see is his adaptation to PSG and L1. At Barça, he had a lot of passing circuits, especially with Alba on the left. There, he…

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