Nigeria At 61 – Sports On A Cliff – To Plunge To Death, Or To Learn To Fly!


It is early morning of Friday, October 1, 2021. It is the 61st anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence.

It is a public holiday when all Nigerians are expected to celebrate their ‘liberation’ from the shackles of colonial rule, the start of self-governance and the establishment of a country designed in their own image and likeness, and that runs independent of any third-country interference.


So, for emphasis and clarity (I am digesting this slowly), each country chooses non-interference by third-party countries and establishes what it considers its best form of governance structure and system. That’s they would celebrate Independence Day because it marks a turning point in their history, a liberation from mental and physical ‘enslavement’, the bondage of indoctrination and domination, and the freedom to associate and to operate.
Indeed, independence of any sort is sweet and worth celebrating.

That’s why, also, when sports federations seek their own form of Independence no…

Source: Complete Sports

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