Anthony Joshua Can Still Be The Greatest Of His Generation –


If you’ve ever suffered crushing disappointment in your life then you will know, to some degree or other, how Anthony Joshua felt after the final bell went during his match with Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk. In many ways, the time after a fight concludes must be the worst in a boxer’s career when they know they’ve been beaten, given that they have to stand around the ring in full view of the watching world as the judges decide to what extent. It’s during these moments that there’s nowhere to hide as feelings of disappointment, dejection, and perhaps even embarrassment flood one’s thoughts.

For Joshua, it’s hard to know what he was thinking as the ringside judges totted up their scorecards. Was he mulling over the fact that he had just thrown away a $100 million payday against Tyson Fury? Was he wracked with regret as he looked over at Usyk who was now in pole position to claim such an eye-watering fee? Granted, Fury also has, if you will, a semi-final matchup that…

Source: Complete Sports