“It Was Obvious Italy Will Lose One Day” -Chiesa


Juventus attacker Fede Chiesa insists says it’s not a shame that the team lost 2-1 against Spain in the semi-final of the UEFA Nations League.

Recall that Italy had been unbeaten in three years, since October 2018, with a run of 28 wins and nine draws.

However, in an interview with RAI Sport, Chiesa stated that the team must have to move on from the defeat.

“We lost after many games, we set a world record, so in the end it had to happen. As everyone said over the last few days, it had to happen eventually,” Chiesa told RAI Sport.

“Congratulations to Spain for a really good performance. We could’ve been more clinical at times, but Spain deserved their victory.

“We always have enthusiasm, determination and running to the very end for Italy and our coach. It’s the first defeat, but this won’t stop our momentum and we look forward to the next match.

“Obviously, it’s tough down to 10 men and Spain were already playing well when we had 11. Nonetheless, we had two really big…

Source: Complete Sports