Effects Of Technology On The Gambling And Casino Industry –


Revolution has crept into the corners of every society, causing significant changes in businesses and day-to-day activities. The gaming industry has not been spared from the impact of these changes either. Instead, the gaming industry is one whose resilience and growth have been astonishing over the recent years. It forms one of the most significant contributors to the entertainment world, with millions of users worldwide.

One of the recent cases that shows the strong resilience of the gambling world is the effect of the global pandemic. Many sectors folded up or suffered a significant decline due to the remarkable impact of the pandemic; however, amidst all of the anomalies, the gaming world gained more in profit, and this was made possible by the smooth transition from traditional casinos that required physical presence to that of the online medium with the aid of technology. Many players were forced to turn to the online mode and are now comfortable with it.


There are many reasons…

Source: Complete Sports

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