5 Most Expensive Souvenirs Now Worth Close To $5m


For many NBA fans, Michael Jordan remains the Greatest of All Time despite the emergence of elite talents such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant since his retirement. With this stature, MJ related memorabilia is one of the hottest niches in the collectables market.

According to data presented by Wette.de, Michael Jordan’s game-worn Nike Air Ships from the 1984 season sold for $1.47M in Oct. 2021, making it the most expensive piece of MJ memorabilia ever sold. In addition, the five most expensive MJ items now have a combined value of $4.58M.


Michael Jordan remains the GOAT among many basketball fans especially among those who were fans before the turn of the millennium. Jordan has himself eternalized his legacy with the success of the Jordan brand, making the sporting icon still one of the most recognizable names in all of sports.

Michael Jordan memorabilia are thus, hot property in the collectables market. In Oct 2021, the most expensive MJ memorabilia sold for $1.47M…

Source: Complete Sports

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