Nigerian Basketball Federation Crisis – One Election, Faulty Constitutions!


Permit me to bore my readers again today. This is very technical stuff that does not make interesting reading.

Yet, it speaks to the heart of the current crisis in the Nigerian Basketball Federation. It is also an early warning signal of a similar crisis happening in the Nigeria Football Federation. The Athletics Federation survived its own crisis, albeit temporarily, through the intervention of fate and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Sports Associations are set up by private individuals with a common interest in a particular sport. They register (or not) the association as a corporate body with the Corporate Affairs Commission. They operate the association’s activities within the ambit of the laws of Nigeria, conducting their affairs without the interference of any external or internal Third parties. They write their own constitutions and set up structures to guide the day-to-day activities for their members.

That is the common template for the founding and running of all the sports…

Source: Complete Sports