Why Man United Must Sack Solskjaer Now -Murphy


Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has urged Manchester United board to take decisive action on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before things get worst.

He made this known on the backdrop of the United’s 2-0 loss to Manchester City at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Murphy in an interview with Dailmail said,”It has got to the stage now, sadly, where opposing fans see Solskjaer as their secret weapon.

“They want him to stay more than United supporters.

“This game was seen by some as Solskjaer’s last chance to reassert his authority at United and salvage his job as the pressure builds upon him.

“But it only served to emphasise the yawning chasm that exists between these two teams.

“City are in a different league from this United side. They may only have won 2-0 but the gulf in class was embarrassing.

“United will not win the title this season. That much is crystal clear but the question remains whether the United hierarchy have the appetite or the ambition to do anything about it.”

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