Why Sports Betting Is Booming In India


India is a country that loves sport and in particular, the majority of people here love cricket. Aside from sport, the locals are also known for their fondness of gambling and it’s no surprise that many in this country would enjoy mixing their favorite leisure activities. Today, sports wagering is now one of the most popular trends and growing industries in the country.

The future of sports betting in India is looking bright. It is estimated that the local gambling market is already worth around 60 billion USD. However, only around half of this amount is wagered legally. While gambling laws in the country are subjective per state, India is still in the grey area when it comes to online betting.


Online operators aren’t allowed to operate in most parts of the country and legal in-person betting is only limited to a few states. The majority of punters here are Betting on today’s game from the best betting site in India but most of these sites are based offshore. Still, many would…

Source: Complete Sports

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