Inter More Determined To Overcome Napoli -Inzaghi


Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi says their clash with Napoli could be decisive in the title race.

The champions meet Serie A leaders Napoli on Sunday.

Inzaghi said: “It’ll be a very important game for our position in the table, just as it was against Milan. Courage and motivation can make the difference,” said Inzaghi in his press conference.

“We have done well in Serie A and the Champions League. We’re only two points off our position at this stage last season, but it’s also true that Milan and Napoli are having the kind of start we hadn’t seen in Serie A for 40 years.”

He continued: “We deserved more against Atalanta, Juventus and Milan, only getting three draws, so we need to do more from tomorrow in the head-to-head clashes. The time has come to win these games.

“Sometimes incidents can be decisive, like a penalty that is missed or not awarded, but I am proud of these lads. We can all do better, we knew it would be a transitional season after the changes over…

Source: Complete Sports

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