Parimatch Debuts A “Radical” Black Friday In Nigeria


Nigerians have come to expect something from local businesses in November in recognition of the heavily assimilated Black Friday phenomenon. While shopping stores online and offline work hard in the quarter to deliver ‘deals’ to their customers, betting companies like are not left out of the equation.

This year, Parimatch Nigeria, a fast-growing sports entertainment and technology company in Nigeria, have wowed sports betting customers with mouth-watering offers in the name of Black Friday. They are calling it the “Radical Black Friday” and it is scheduled to run from November 22 to November 28, 2021. The Radical Black Friday follows the recent introduction of the brand message, “Be Radical, Bet on Yourself”, calling out to individuals who are aiming for more and looking to make a significant change in their surroundings.


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Marketing Director for Africa, Ruby Chuku, in a statement said,…

Source: Complete Sports