Top 7 Greatest Canadian Players In NBA History


Canada is a country where they pay special attention to athletes, artists, students, future leaders, and every person contributing to making Canada the best country in the world. If you’re an immigrant who loves playing sports, especially basketball, then apply for a PR in Canada. This PR would soon lead you to citizenship through the Canadian Citizenship Test. This test would give you the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen and get all the perks of being a good player that your country couldn’t give you. You could be the next big name in the NBA. Although the NBA hasn’t been a strong forte for Canada, things are drastically changing as the World has seen an increasing dominance of Canadian players in the NBA.

The NBA is a very beneficial game, and many Canadian citizens are diehard basketball fans. Let’s take a look at the most exceptional basketball players Canada has given to the NBA so far:


Jamaal Magloire Greatest Canadian Players

Let’s talk about old NBA times when Magloire was a…

Source: Complete Sports

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