How To Keep Sports Fans Engaged Using Social Media


sIn 2021, it’s impossible to ignore the role of social media in sports. Athletes and sports stars are some of the most-followed and most interacted with accounts across a variety of social media platforms.

With countless stars and sports teams vying for their fans’ attention online, you have to think outside the box to stand out and increase engagement with your fans. Read on for my top tips to get your fans liking, sharing and commenting.


Stick To A Schedule

 One of the benefits of not working a traditional nine-to-five is that, as a sports star, you can post online whenever you see fit. Develop a posting schedule that dovetails with your routine, but crucially, ensure that you stick to it.

This will enable your fans to anticipate your new content and drive up engagement.


 Keep Lines Of Communication Open

 Why do people follow a sports star or sports team on a social media platform rather than just watching interviews with them on TV? It’s the personal touch. People…

Source: Complete Sports

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