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The difference between online and offline sports betting

We enter the 21st century realizing that online betting is not just a competitor to offline betting, but the dominant direction in betting. It accounts for 90% of the total betting turnover.

Offline betting will gradually become an exclusive product. They will cease to be massive, which they are now. Their main purpose will not be in the reception/placement of bets itself, but in the atmosphere and services accompanying this process. From the usual “infrastructure” points of acceptance of rates will gradually be abandoned. Because it is easier for the player to take out the phone and make a few clicks in it than to go to a specially designated place for this.


Some of the advantages of online betting:

  • It is enough to have a device with access to the network at hand;
  • Lack of reference to place and time;
  • The intimacy of the process. You can play without “prying eyes” while doing other things;
  • The ability to make bets in…

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