Nigeria At AFCON –Mathematical Segun Odegbami Writes


3 days to the start of AFCON 2021, there is hardly any Nigerian that expects that the Super Eagles will not get to the tail end of the championship. Such a high expectation is justified.

Nigeria can be counted amongst one of the most consistent and most successful countries in the history of AFCON since the country started to participate in Africa’s most prestigious football championship in 1963.


A quick glance at the statistics of the country’s performances since 1976, in particular, to date, explains why the Super Eagles are always considered by many unbiased pundits as one of the favourites despite all the kata kata (crisis) that often surrounds the team, particularly, as in the present instance, poorly handling the technical content of the team so close to the championship.

This seeming exalted status was first earned on the field of performance in 1976. At Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, the Green Eagles emerged fully unto the top echelon of African football. Nigeria’s national…

Source: Complete Sports