Fantasy Finance Tournaments Can Scratch The Football Itch –


With football season ending, fantasy trading tournaments might just be the next best thing.

As the NFL regular season wraps up, all eyes are turning towards the Super Bowl in just a few short weeks. The biggest sporting event of the year also marks the end of the fantasy football season, leaving many fans doubly bored with their newfound free time and focus. So, what’s a fantasy sports fan to do with their analytical skills in the off-season? Fantasy finance tournaments are a great way to scratch the fantasy football itch while also earning some extra income in the off-season.


What Is Fantasy Finance?

At first, finance and sports might not seem to have too much in common, and that’s true, they don’t. But, fantasy sports and fantasy finance have more of an overlap than you’d think; the only difference is that users pick stocks instead of players. Users can choose to jump into a fantasy trading contest typically lasting 15 to 60 minutes and, using real-time data, they can…

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