Atlanta 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Obiekwu Turns Commercial Driver


A member of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics gold medal winning squad ‘Dream Team’ Kingsley Obiekwu has revealed he uses his only car for commercial transport to sustain his family.

Obiekwu, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Awka.


The 47-year-old played for Rangers International FC, Enugu Udoji United and Go Ahead Eagles in the Netherlands during his playing career.

Obiekwu, who currently coaches INGAS FC in Enugu, noted that things had not been rosy since he returned to Nigeria in 2008 and had to combine the coaching job with the commercial transport business to make ends meet.


He stated that his former employees owed him over N6 million cumulatively.

“Yes, I am a commercial transporter; there is nothing to hide about it. Man has to do what is legal to pay his family bills.

“I have four children at Enugu State University of Technology and my last child is in primary five.

“I have coached Rangers International FC, Ifeanyi Ubah…

Source: Complete Sports