How Southampton Defeated Spurs In The Premier League –


As the two teams lined the tunnel, awaiting the start of the game, there was only one anticipated winner – Spurs. Tottenham Hotspur had used the last few games to create a clear road to next year’s European football. They had been trouncing lower-level clubs while also being gifted by the fact that West Ham and Man Utd just can’t seem to get into the swing of things this year.

It should have been a simple affair that would see Spurs demolishing Southampton. However, it just wasn’t quite to be as Spurs made, what can only be described as, a complete hash of things. For people in Nigeria watching Premier League matches, this one summed up what it is all about. You can never just expect the expected. This is what makes betting on the outcome of these matches such a challenge, as well as being seriously exciting.


It was almost so different

If you had placed a bet on Spurs to win this clash, there were certainly some happy times as the match progressed. Spurs took the lead, not…

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