Turkish Billionaire Claims He Has Good Chance of Buying Chelsea


Turkish billionaire Murshan Bayrak has revealed that he has 90% chance of buying Chelsea.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic recently announced his decision to sell the West London club.


The Russian is looking to sell the club for anything between £2.5bn and £4bn.

While there is said to be willing suitors from the United States and Middle East, Bayrak, the chairman of construction company AB Group, feels that he is one of the frontrunners to get a deal over the line.


“We have reached a certain stage. Our law and finance department will start talks with theirs in London on Thursday. That’s the way it is at this point. On Thursday, we will notify the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP),”Bayrak told Oda TV.

“People are talking about it, we made some progress in the talks, and the world believes we have a 90% chance of completing the deal. Abramovich thinks the same.”


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Source: Complete Sports