Matters Arising – Issues In Nigerian Sports –Segun Odegbami Writes


Football and the Supreme Court

So, everyone now agrees that some issues in football matters can be taken to a civil court and can be settled there. And that FIFA will not come down from their ‘heaven’ and ban the country. Noted for future reference.


Rather quietly, on January 28, 2022, there was a major judgement by the Supreme Court of Nigeria on the management of the Nigerian Football league.

Needless to go into the details of the case to determine who the guilty party is. The judgement, for any lay person, only throws more confusion at the issues involved.


What is interesting is that the arguments put forth by the court in arriving at the final judgment throw up some unintended light at several unrelated events involving Nigeria football and its management. It takes a closer examine to see them, though.

The Nigerian Football League Ltd, NFL, registered by the NFA a long time ago, was not properly incorporated. It has, therefore, not been recognised by Nigerian law. The…

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