Christian Laettner Shares His Favourite Duke Memory With Coach K –


In the world of college basketball, there’s no one who can quite hold a candle to Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s legendary coach. He has a staggering 1,127 wins under his belt, and he’s been head coach for 42 years.

However, Coach K didn’t get where he is today alone; his success also rests on the shoulders of men like Christian Laettner, who was one of the star players on Coach K’s legendary ’91-’92 team at Duke. Laettner recently sat down with Betway Insider to discuss his favourite memories with Coach K, and the results are sure to make you smile.


In the exclusive interview with Betway, Christian Laettner reflects on his time at Duke and discusses the retirement of Mike Krzyzewski.

“I loved everything he did,” Laettner said of his former coach. “He was intense, he was soft, he was hard. He was a great coach.”


Laettner’s career at Duke basketball is marked by his buzzer-beater shot against Kentucky to propel the Blue Devils into the Final Four in 1992, as well…

Source: Complete Sports