Sunny Ojeagbase’s Humanity Will Endure Forever


By Ehi Braimah
It is so difficult to write about good people in the past tense but it is a reality we must find the courage to accept. Good people will always die and depart this sinful world.

Yet, every death is painful but when good people die, their stories stay with us to constantly remind us of their goodness, essence and humanity. We remember the remarkable things they did as a treasure trove; things they were known for that made them significant and special.


Usually, they have strong personal brand equity that pulls people easily to them like a magnet because they lived a life of impact — touching and changing other people’s lives. It is an individual choice but it is better to stand up and be counted among those who use their time, talent and treasure to create everlasting legacies.

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Some organisations are also playing their part to make the world a better place. For example, The Rotary Foundation…

Source: Complete Sports